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Different Types of Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Feb 9, 2023Muay Thai

Fairtex Quality

Fairtex gloves are some of the best Muay Thai gear. They are made from top quality leather and microfiber materials that are designed to protect your hands and wrists as you train. The leather is thick yet supple, providing great protection while still allowing you to move freely. The microfiber material helps keep your hands cool during a workout so they don’t overheat. The craftsmanship and attention to detail of these gloves is top-notch – they’re comfortable, lightweight yet durable, and the thick foam padding provides superior protection against impact. Moreover, these gloves are handmade in Thailand and feature a unique design that makes them stand out from the crowd. The vibrant colors and detail used to craft these gloves add an extra layer of authenticity. With their premium design, durability and protective features, it’s no wonder why Fairtex gloves are so popular with both beginners and experienced fighters alike.


Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves for Any Occasions

Gloves for General Training

fairtex muay thai glvoes

If you are looking into getting a perfect pair of gloves for training, look no further because Fairtex have great selections for you. Built from high-quality, long-lasting materials, Fairtex gloves comes with affordable prices. With sizes ranging from 8 oz – 16oz, you can find the perfect size to fit your needs. Additionally, the gloves come with a secure hook-and-loop closure strap  that provides an excellent support while also allowing you to move freely and accurately during practice sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, these gloves are perfect combination of quality and affordability.

BGV1 Tight – Fit Universal Gloves – Fairtex BGV1 are crafted with premium leather construction that can last for a long time. The three-layered foam padding provides excellent protection for your hands and knuckles. The tight-fit hand compartment offers a secure and snug fit to ensure your gloves stay in place, while shock disbursement technology helps reduce impact on your hands when performing intense activities. As one of their best-selling product with such glowing review, Fairtex makes sure that BGV1 universal gloves are available in a wide selection of colors and prints, so you’re sure to find a pair that appeals to you.

BGV1- breathable – Similar to the tight- fit universal gloves, this gloves are manufactured with velcro strap closure, three-layered foam padding and excellent hand and knuckle support. Additionally, the glove also features mesh materials on the palm to kill moisture and help keep your hands dry, while ensuring better air circulation.

Microfiber gloves (BGV14) – The BGV14 are a great choice if you are looking for comfort during your training session. These gloves are made of high-quality microfiber which makes them lighter and smoother than traditional boxing gloves. As they are not leather, these gloves are more breathable, less odorous and durable. The ergonomic design comes with long cuff and extra padding on the palms that is designed to give you extra protection and more energy saving when forming a fist.


Gloves For Sparring

Fairtex offers superior gloves that are made for maximum support and comfort during sparring sessions, allowing you to focus on technique and execution rather than worrying about your safety.

BGV5 –  Especially constructed with super contoured compartment and curved locked-thumb, these gloves gives optimal fist closure and comfort during intense sparring. With an extra wide closure, BGV5 effectively support your wrist. They also come with three-layer foam for good impact absorption.

BGV6 – These gloves have a good rap of being one of the best sparring gloves you can find in the market. They are high performance gloves made with soft padding that gives a more realistic feel while punching comparing to other brands. The extra padding in the knuckle compartment along with the locked-thumb design provide more protection to both you and your sparring partners. The slightly longer cuff gives you more wrist support and the flexibility to clinch and strike.


Gloves for Bag Work

Heavy bag work is indispensable to develop skills needed in any martial arts. It is an important part of Muay Thai as this training helps improve technique, power, and endurance. Punching bags can be used for drills to help with defensive movements and to practice combinations of strikes and footwork.

BGV9 – Fairtex’s BGV9 is called the heavy hitter, Mexican style gloves engineered for those who are heavy punchers. They constructed with authentic Thai leather for excellent comfort and durability. They are slim and they have longer cuff as the Mexican style gloves. These boxing gloves have been developed for hard and intensive training while still offering a good protection on the wrist due to the equally distributed weight. Unlike their BGV1 or BGV6, the BGV9 come with double – layer, high density padding that focuses on the knuckles area. The thumb compartment along with the double-grip on the upper hands area allow you to move comfortably while offering a full hand support.


Gloves for Competition

The competition gloves are typically made of leather and foam padding, providing protection for both the fighter’s hands and their opponent. They also have added wrist support to help prevent injury when the fighters hit each other with punches and kicks while still allowing enough flexibility to perform powerful strikes. Fighters are usually required to wear glove weights depending on their weight division.

BGL6 – These are professional level, competition style leather gloves with simple yet classy design which come in either in black or red color. The lace-up design allows for an adjustable fit and additional wrist support, while the double stitch construction provides superior strength and durability. These gloves are made with three-layer high-density foam to provide maximum shock absorption. Ergonomically design with snug-fit hand compartment with lock-thumb design, these gloves will put your hands in a safe and comfortable position.

BGL7 – Typically used for international boxing competition, these gloves are designed for heavy puncher. As it is a Mexican-style gloves, the wrist area of this type of gloves is longer than Muay Thai gloves. With the triple-ribbed sleeve with laces closure, these gloves provide an extreme support without restricting any movement. Unlike BGL6 , BGL7 has two-layer padding system where the weight is evenly distributed giving a maximum control and performance when punching.


Fairtex gloves are a great choice for anyone. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Nak Muay, these gloves are reliable, well-crafted and durable, making them perfect for regular use. They also require some breaking-in before they reach their full potential, but the effort is worth it as these gloves provide top performance and quality. Handmade directly in Thailand, they feature good stitching and come at an affordable price. That is why they have garnered a great reputation over the years.

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