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Training with High-Quality Muay Thai Kick Pads

Apr 16, 2023Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a striking martial art that is known for its use of kicks, punches, elbows, and knee strikes. To improve their techniques and endurance, Muay Thai practitioners use kick pads during training sessions. Kick pads provide a safe and controlled way to improve technique and power. Just like the name suggests, kick pads are  a crucial tool that allows fighters to practice the different types of kicks and strikes, such as roundhouse kicks, push kicks, and knees, to name a few. By using these pads, fighters can practice on a resistant surface and perfect their technique, footwork, and timing.

As the fighters train, these Muay Thai pads act like a shield that protect the partner holding them from receiving debilitating blows, allowing the trainer to absorb powerful strikes without risking injury. Additionally, the training pads help fighters develop better accuracy and power when striking the pads. Using kick pads is an excellent way to condition the shins, reinforcing the bones and increasing their resistance to impact.

Choosing the right Kick Pads

Choosing the right pads is important to ensure that you get the maximum benefit in your Muay Thai training. Before you shop, there are few factors that need to be considered. Firstly, it’s important to consider the size and weight of the pads, as they should be comfortable and manageable for your partner. The shape of the pads is also important, as it can impact how easy they are to hit and the type of strikes you can practice. For example, some pads are wider and flatter, allowing for more varied strikes, while others are curved to better absorb high-impact kicks. The material of the pads is also crucial in determining how much shock absorption they provide, which can affect how much strain is put on your partner’s joints during training. Ultimately, the goal is to choose kick pads that are of good quality; durable, comfortable, and effective in helping you to improve your technique and skill.

Fairtex Muay Thai Kick Pads

Fairtex is a top brand in the world of combat sports and their Muay Thai equipment is no exception. The brand offers a wide selection of high-quality gear including gloves, shorts, shin guards, and more. One of their most popular products is the kick pads, which are specially designed to withstand the powerful kicks in Muay Thai. The kick pads are made of durable materials and have a padded surface, providing excellent protection for the holder. You will find that Fairtex kick pads come in various sizes and shapes that accommodate different types of training and styles.

Fairtex Small Curved KPLC 1

KPLC 1 is a superior quality kick pad that is perfect for martial arts, boxing, and MMA training. The curved shape of the kick pad ensures maximum control and a secure grip while you are practicing kicks, strikes, and punches. The pads are constructed from four layers of high-quality foam fillings that provide optimal shock absorbance while offers maximum protection for both the user and the partner. Additionally, the curved shape ensures that they fit comfortably and securely against the user’s body, allowing for greater speed and accuracy in each kick. Handmade in Thailand with a premium cow hide leather,  they are of the highest quality, durable, and lightweight with weighing only about 1 kilogram. These pads are 31cm X 18cm X 9cm which are quite small but suitable for anyone even kids. They are ergonomically designed to fit snuggly, making them perfect for use in sparring training, classes, or professional fights.

Fairtex Standard Curved KPLC 2

KPLC 2 is a popular choice among martial artists and trainers. Available at most sporting goods store, it is easy to acquire and maintain. One of the reasons why KPLC 2 is such a popular choice among trainers is its ability to provide effective training for both beginners and advanced practitioners. These kick pads are durable and long-lasting, effectively absorbing the powerful kicks and punches thrown at them. They are quite supple which means, they provide a comfortable feel for the holder during training. They are also fitted with a padded closure system, which ensures that the pad stays in place during use. This prevents the holder from experiencing discomfort or injury during training. Additionally, the curvature of the pad allows for optimal target placement and increased efficiency during training sessions. One of the key features of the kick pads is their ability to withstand prolonged use without losing their shape or padding. This ensures that the holder gets maximum value for money, as they can use the pads for months or even years without them becoming worn out or damaged. The padding and curvature of the pads allow trainers to adjust the intensity of the training and tailor it to the skill level of their students. Furthermore, the pads are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain hygienic and safe for all users.

Fairtex Extra Thick Curved KPLC 3


KPLC 3 is designed to elevate one’s training experience. You will discover a new level of training with its unique curve feature that aids in improving your form and technique. Holding these kick pads is easy thanks to its well-designed handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip. The balance of these pads is unmatched, ensuring that both the trainer and the student have a stable platform that reduces the risk of accidents during training. The design of these kick pads allows for jab and hook drills, making it a versatile equipment that you can use for various drills as part of your training routine. Supporting the forearms, these pads reduce the strain on your arms, allowing you to last longer in each session.

Fairtex Extra Long Curved KPLC4

KPLC4 is a game-changer when it comes to training and improving your Muay Thai kickboxing skills. These pads are elastic and flexible even after the first usage, making them suitable for multiple training sessions without the need for any adjustments. They have an excellent design that fits perfectly on the forearm to avoid unnecessary slip and ensure the user’s safety. These kick pads are highly recommended for ladies, children, and beginners who are just starting on the journey of martial arts. The additional length makes them highly versatile, allowing users to perform a wide range of martial arts techniques, including high and low kicks, knee strikes, and elbow strikes, providing an accurate target for the users. It is designed with extra padding to provide a comfortable experience for the kickers while reducing the impact of jabs and kicks on the holders’ forearms, thereby reducing the risk of injuries while training.

Fairtex Lightweight KPLC5

KPLC5 pads are made of premium microfiber, which makes them lightweight and easy to use. Additionally, they are odorless, which is ideal for use in a gym. One of the most notable features of these pads is their curvature, which allows for optimal comfort and ease of use. This curvature is especially useful for beginners who are still learning the proper technique for kicks. Another feature of these kick pads is the soft padding, which helps to absorb some of the impact from the kick. This padding is crucial in preventing injury and also provides a level of comfort for users. The strap on the pads is adjustable, which allows for a custom fit for each user. These kick pads also feature forearm support, which adds an extra layer of protection for the user. This support helps to distribute the force of the kick evenly and prevents the pad from slipping around during use. This feature is especially important for intermediate and advanced users who may be practicing more complex kicks and combinations. These pads are versatile and can be used for a variety of different types of kicks, making them a valuable addition to any gym or training space.

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