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Top 5 Heavy Bag for Muay Thai

Feb 14, 2023Muay Thai

A good heavy bag for Muay Thai training is essential for anyone who wants to improve their technique, strength and endurance. Using a heavy bag allows you to practice your punches, kicks and knees in a controlled setting. Also, the bag is a great tool that helps you perfect your balance and footwork as well as develop power in your strikes. A heavy bag will help increase the speed of your strikes, by forcing you to accelerate each punch and kick over the course of the entire round. With regular use of a heavy bag, you will be able to improve your conditioning and endurance, as it puts pressure on both your body and mind throughout the entire exercise.


Things to Consider Before Buying Your Heavy Bag

heavy bag for muay thai

There are several things to consider when choosing the perfect bag for you (and maybe your fellow fighters).

  1. The size of the bag. Heavy bags come in all shapes and sizes. Ideally it should be big enough to accommodate your height and weight so that you can practice effective strikes.
  2. The weight of the bag. It is important to know how much you want the bag to weigh because it will decide the amount of resistance when striking the bag. The more resistance  you have, the more strength your punches and kicks are. Most store would sell you an unfilled bag in which you can determine the weight of the bag and increase the weight as you need.  If you can get a good pre-filled bag, you will most likely to have a consistent packing throughout the bag. However, you can’t vary the weight. You can start with a lighter bag and then purchase a heavier bag later on.
  3. The material of the heavy bag. The most common materials used for heavy bags are leather, canvas, and synthetic. Bags made of leather are the most durable. However, it requires more maintenance and it can be more pricier than the other bags. If you are beginner, you can opt to use the canvas bag. Canvas bag does not require much maintenance, it is durable and a lot less expensive than the leather. Synthetic leather bags are are also anther good alternative for leather as they are affordable even though they do not last as long as the genuine leather ones.
  4. The space. Due to the size and weight of the bag, It is essential to have a solid structure that allows movement and can be securely attached. The wall should be strong enough to support the weight of the bag and it should also not interfere with any other equipment or furniture in the area so that you can move freely without hitting anything else. When selecting a spot for the heavy bag, make sure that you consider all of these factors for a safe and effective workout experience. Without proper installation, there is a risk of injury or damage to both the user and surrounding property.


The Different Types of Heavy Bag for Muay Thai

Traditional Heavy Bag is perfect for all around training, especially for beginner Muay Thai practitioners. This all around training bag is great for strength training, as it features a durable construction that can withstand intense impact and is ideal for low kicks. The traditional design is also great for developing focus, balance and accuracy when executing strikes. It’s also easy to fill and hang up, making it an ideal choice for any home gym. With its heavy-duty construction, it will last for years even with intense use.


Banana Bag is also known as long bag. This bag is a traditional Muay Thai bag that is designed specifically for Muay Thai techniques. The banana heavy bag provides a solid foundation to condition your muscle groups and hone your punching, kicking and other offensive techniques. The bag also have a good length and can hang low enough to give a realistic target for Muay Thai fighters to practice on kicking and punching. Due to the heavy nature, it allows you to really feel the impact of each punch and kick, while also providing strong resistance which can help you to improve your technique in order to perform at your best.

Tear Drop Heavy Bag is great for anyone who wants to practice throwing knees and uppercuts. This bag is designed to be used in the same way as a regular punching bag, but its unique tear-drop shape adds an extra edge to your training as it forces you to concentrate on specific strikes and angles, improving accuracy and power. It is made with a durable material and the bag is filled with a specialized foam which absorbs shocks and helps protect your hands and feet during long training sessions. The bag also has multiple heavy-duty straps that provide a secure grip so you can train with maximum stability.

Angled Heavy Bag is an ideal bag for Muay Thai training and sparring. This type of bag is designed to mimic the angles, stances and movements used in a real fight and provides a great platform for practicing strikes. It is designed to remain stable while in use, ensuring that it does not move around too much during workouts. The heavy bag can also be adjusted according to the height of the user and the angled design allows users to practice their techniques from any angle, challenging them to be more accurate with their strikes. Additionally, because it weighs more than standard boxing bags, this type of bag helps build strength and endurance over time.

Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag has been designed for boxing, but it’s a great choice for those looking to practice punching. It also has many other uses, such as being useful for elbow strikes and uppercut training. The size of the wrecking ball is small making them easy to be moved around.  Plus, it also comes with adjustable straps so you can adjust the height to suit your needs.

Our Top 5 Recommendations  for The Best Heavy Bag for Muay Thai

Fairtex Muay Thai Banana Heavy Bag HB6

This bag is an ideal choice for both beginner and advanced Muay Thai practitioners. It comes in empty, so you can fill it with whatever material you prefer, and it also features a Banana Bag design to help you improve your Muay Thai style techniques. The heavy bag is made of Syntek leather for durable home use and is 100% handmade in Thailand. Thanks to its well-made design and materials, you can have a great workout experience at home. Click here to see product

Outslayer #01 Muay Thai Punching Bag

This punching bag is a high quality vinyl bag that provides durability and lasting performance. It is suitable for nearly all sorts of combat sports training. Additionally, it can be purchased either filled or unfilled, so you can customize the weight to whatever your preference may be. Whether you’re practicing low kicks or high kicks, this punching bag will definitely hold up to the challenge.

Combat Sports Muay Thai Punching Bag

Whether you hang it on a hook or mount it to the wall, this bag has been designed with high-level performance in mind. Its construction ensures maximum shock absorption and resilience, allowing you to practice your moves without risking injury. The bag comes unfilled and made from top quality, durable synthetic leather construction making it easy to clean.

Fairtex HB15 Super Tear Drop Heavy Bag

This bag is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can be used to develop knee and elbow strikes, power kick and punch combinations. It is constructed from premium quality synthetic leather for added durability and features heavy-duty nylon web straps for an extra secure installation. It also has a double end loop for improved shock absorption and longer lasting performance. Click here to see product

Fairtex HB16 Water Heavy Bag

This bag is an excellent choice for boxing training. It is designed to be filled easily with water at home and comes with a hook and rope for hanging. The bag can be easily adjusted to fit your height and weight when filled, allowing you to practice punches and kicks with ease. You’ll appreciate the durable construction of the bag, which ensures that it stands up to even the most intense training sessions. Click here to see product



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