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Top King [TKFME] Focus Mitts “Extreme”


  • Multiple layers of high-density foam focus mitts padding
  • Made from world-class leather; lightweight focus mitts extreme
  • Superior shock absorbency and secure fit
  • Top King TKFME 100% handmade in Thailand

Top King [TKFME] Focus Mitts “Extreme”

Top King Focus Mitts "Extreme"; TKFME is a unique contoured shape to create superb target control and can be worn on either hand. It is designed with a padded back hand and wrist and forearm cover. Also, complete with a leather wrist strap by D-ring and hook-and-loop closure.

Top King focus mitts are made from all semi-leather construction which gives superb control. These focus mitts are provided with the pad holder and unique concave shape and super light weight. Trainers and fighters can get accuracy drills by focusing on  the white circle on the striking surface during training sessions.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg

Black/White/Red, Black/Red, Black/White, Black/Yellow, black/Blue


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