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Fairtex [KPLC4] Extra Long Curved Kick Pads


  • Thai boxing pads with a long curved design
  • Thai soft kick pads made of premium cowhide leather
  • Muay Thai kick pads with a strap and a forearm for maximum comfort
  • Fairtex Thai pads are handmade in Thailand
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Fairtex [KPLC4] Extra Long Curved Kick Pads

Fairtex [KPLC4] Extra Long Curved Kick Pads are composed of high-quality cowhide leather, which lasts longer than buffalo leather, which is commonly used in market pads. Due to the curvature, this Fairtex KPLC4 has an ergonomically fitting forearm for the trainer that is elastic and flexible even after the first usage. It is simpler to maintain balance and hold throughout training.

Fairtex Kick Pads [KPLC4] are lighter than traditional kick pads. The plush padding on the head, straps, and forearms of the trainers allows them to jab and hook while being comfortable. It is suitable for everyone, but particularly for ladies, children, and beginners.

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