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Fairtex [HG10] Super Sparring Headguard



  • Headguard cover design 
  • Made of soft interior for maximum comfort during wearing
  • Multi-layered high-density foam core and top lace-up fastening head guard
  • Maintained good vision throughout the Muay Thai training or boxing sparring
  • Well-protection, 100% handmade in Thailand


Fairtex [HG10] Super Sparring Headguard

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Fairtex [HG10] Super Sparring Headguard

The Fairtex HG10 extreme sparring head guard is meant to cover the entire head, including the ears, cheeks, and chin. It aids in avoiding damage and maintaining good vision throughout training sessions. This handguard also has a curve on the chin and ear protection so that the child can be safer as if they were fighting in amateur competition.

Fairtex HG10 has a soft interior yet a robust outside for maximum comfort. The fighters benefit from superior protection and a secure fit thanks to the multi-layered high-density foam core and top lace-up fastening. Furthermore, a rear hook and loop clasp at the back of the helmet guard allows for padding adjustment.

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