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Fairtex [HB13] Super Angle Heavy Bag


  • Designed with deep angles for effective heavy bag
  • A bottom hook for the swing of the heavy bag control
  • Fairtex punching bag is ideal for low kicks
  • Approximate weight of Muay Thai heavy bag after fill: 60 kg.

Fairtex [HB13] Super Angle Heavy Bag

The Fairtex HB13 Super Angle heavy bag is made of Syntek Leather, which is resistant to water and features a non-tear nylon lining with nylon web straps. It is multi-purpose in order to help Muay Thai coaches with punches, high and low kicks, hand and foot jabs, and other drills.

This Fairtex heavy bag has a balanced weight that doesn't require you to shift around too much during training. Because of the overhanging top section for improved uppercut training, the Fairtex HB13 is suitable for both Muay Thai and Boxing. On Fairtex punch bags, a swivel is advised. It allows the bag to rotate freely, extending the life of the straps.

Additional information

Weight2.7 kg


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