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Fairtex [FMV9] Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts


  • The unique ultimate contoured focus mitts
  • Ergonomically engineered to fit naturally to the trainer’s hand
  • Genuine leather and lightweight focus mitts for training
  • Helps avoid getting jammed fingers during practicing with partners
  • Comfort Fairtex focus mitts, and 100% handmade in Thailand



Fairtex [FMV9] Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

Fairtex [FMV9] Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts feature the unique contoured hand compartment. It is ergonomically engineered to fit naturally to the trainer's hands, minimizing wrist injuries and fatigue during extended use. Also, allows the trainer maximum control and leverage of focus mitts.

Fairtex FNV9 is designed with an extra soft and padded hand compartment for ultimate comfort. These Fairtex focus mitts help avoid getting jammed fingers and minimize the impact of the trainer's hands. The "snug-fit" leather padded wrist band also gives maximum comfort and easy slip on and off as well.

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Weight0.9 kg

Red/Black, Black/Red, Black/White, Black/Yellow


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