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Fairtex [FMV13] Maximized Focus Mitts


  • Made in high-quality, lightweight Muay Thai focus mitts
  • Micro Fibre vinyl, same as used on the MADDOX dummies
  • Maximized focus mitts with a state of art 5 layers of foam padding
  • Absorbing heavy blows and kicks during Muay Thai boxing training

Fairtex [FMV13] Maximized Focus Mitts

Fairtex Focus Mitts are composed of the same high-quality, lightweight, and odorless Micro Fibre vinyl as the MADDOX dummies. A state-of-the-art 5-layer foam padding absorbs powerful strikes and kicks. The FMV13 is designed for rapid and endurance pad training and weighs only 900gm each pair.

Fairtex FMV13 is very tough and long-lasting which is a new 8.5-inch-wide training area. Special additional padding on the palm for a tight fit and an inner wrist absorption buffer to protect against imprecise blows The hand cover's breathable mesh sandwich fabric dissipates heat and moisture.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg

Red/Blue, Blue/Red, Red/Black, Black/Red


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