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Fairtex [BS1940] “Black Funky Soul” Muay Thai Shorts


  • The new collection is slimmer than normal Fairtex sizing but bigger than the kickboxing collection
  • Come with zip lock packaging with hanger included

Fairtex [BS1940] "Black Funky Soul" Muay Thai Shorts are new arrivals from Fairfax. Muay Thai shorts with a high slit and leg piping style for unrestricted movement during Muay Thai training sessions or Muay Thai competitions. The material used is premium quality satin, and the shorts are 100% handmade in Thailand. These Fairtex [BS1940] "Black Funky Soul" Muay Thai Shorts are well-Thai art boxing representative, and are extremely popular among foreigner Muay Thai boxers in Thailand and around the world. The 6-strip elastic waistband and drawstrings provide maximum comfort and snug fit.

The shorts are tailored to be slimmer than the traditional Fairtex sizing, providing enhanced mobility and agility. However, they maintain a larger fit compared to our kickboxing collection, ensuring optimal comfort and flexibility during intense training sessions. Crafted with the finest quality materials, the shorts feature Micro Satin fabric, known for its exceptional durability and luxurious feel. This premium fabric elevates the overall performance of the shorts, enabling fighters to unleash their full potential with every movement.


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