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Fairtex [BGV14P] Polka Dot Boxing Gloves


  • Polka Dot Boxing Gloves, Fairtex BGV14P, brand new pattern
  • Boxing training gloves with padded palms and long handcuffs
  • Synthetic leather gloves made of microfibre
  • Lightweight boxing gloves and easy to make a fist with
  • Fairtex Polka Dot gloves are 100% handmade in Thailand
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Fairtex [BGV14P] Polka Dot Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV14P Polka Dot boxing gloves are a new design brand with long cuffs to help trainers and athletes create a fist and save energy while boxing training. The Fairtex iconic BGV6 sparring gloves inspired the design of the BGV14P, which adds extra padding to the palm area for maximum comfort and safety.

The Fairtex Polka Dot is constructed of high-quality microfiber, which is as robust as leather but lighter and nicer to the touch. Furthermore, the Fairtex gloves do not decay like leather, resulting in fewer scents, all of which blend components of various art forms to produce mood and tone. The Fairtex BGV14P is 100% handmade in Thailand.

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