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Guide to choosing the best Muay Thai gloves for beginner

Jan 17, 2023Muay Thai

Guide to choosing the best Muay Thai gloves for beginner

In the past, Muay Thai fighters fought with their bare hands but as Muay Thai became popular and considered a sport, protective gears were added. Today, Muay Thai fighters wear a variety of protective equipment including gloves, groin guards, headgear, shin guards, and chest protectors. In Muay Thai, the hands and fists are used for blocking, striking, clinching and grappling techniques. Without the protection from a pair of gloves, there would be serious damage to the fighter’s hands and wrists. Therefore, it is essential for fighters to choose the right gloves for their training and competitions because ultimately, choosing the right Muay Thai gloves will help ensure safety and maximize performance in Muay Thai fighting.

Things to consider when purchasing Muay Thai gloves


1. Gloves weight and size

Finding the right glove size with the right weight can be challenging for a beginner. Muay Thai boxing gloves are generally measured in ounces; 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. These sizes are based on the measurement of the weight of padding instead of the size of your hands. For your first pair of gloves, gloves between 12-14oz are advised as these gloves are perfect for training and they give an adequate amount of protection. 10 oz gloves can be used for people with smaller builds. 8 oz gloves are also available for children who are taking up Muay Thai. 16 oz gloves, on the other hand, are usually used for sparring due to the heavier padding which gives fighters more protection.


2. Fit

A pair of Muay Thai gloves are such an important gear that you would use very often. Therefore, you should not only get the right size, you should also get the right fit. Muay Thai gloves are supposed to be comfortable. The different brands offer different fits. Make sure to have gloves fitting and choose the one that fits snugly and give you enough room for hand wraps. If they are too loose, they may not provide enough protection and if they are too tight, they can restrict your movement and reduce performance.


3. Gloves Material

Many Muay Thai gloves are made of leather, but there are also synthetic options available. Leather gloves are usually more durable, more breathable and will last longer, while synthetic ones may be cheaper and easier to clean. For those of you who opt for the vegan option, there are the microfiber gloves which are lighter and smoother but equally as durable as leather.


Different kind of Muay Thai gloves

different muay thai glove size


If you are a new Muay Thai practitioner, it is important to remember that you must purchase at least 2 pairs of gloves; gloves for training, and gloves for sparring.

General Training Gloves

The first thing you need when you start practicing this martial art is a good pair of gloves. During the training session, you will learn to punch and shadow boxing. Additionally, you will also have many sessions doing bag work and pad work. Your training would suggest using 10-12oz gloves for this purpose as they provide good cushioning and support to the hands and wrists when throwing punches. These gloves are generally lighter weight than the sparring gloves but still provide enough protection.

Gloves for Sparring

During sparring sessions, you would want to simulate fighting and yet still be mindful of the safety of your sparring partner. When you’re shopping for sparring gloves, look for gloves that are designed specifically for it. These gloves are usually thicker and come with more padding to protect the hands during sparring. Many sparring gloves also come with a wrist wrap for added support. Choose a pair that fits comfortably and provides good protection.


Boxing Gloves VS Muay Thai Gloves



Although they look similar, boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves are different. One thing you need to understand is that the two martial arts have completely rules.

Given the fact that boxing is a punching-centric sport, the padding will be thicker to ensure protection on the knuckles. The wrist protection in its gloves will be greater than other types of gloves. As a result, the gloves used by boxers will feature a wider and longer cushioning around the cuffs to provide improved wrist support. The Velcro straps attached to these gloves will also be slim and snug to ensure that a firm wrist is maintained when making contact.

Muay Thai gloves are thinner and more compact. The padding is evenly distributed and is designed to protect your hands while allowing you to move them quickly and accurately when striking. Moreover, Muay Thai gloves tend to be smaller than traditional boxing gloves, which allows for better hand speed and accuracy in the clinch. Muay Thai gloves feature shorter wristbands that give more range of motion. This helps to improve flexibility, which is an important factor in Muay Thai combat techniques.


Muay Thai gloves are an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to take up Muay Thai. They are designed to give maximum protection and comfort for the fighter’s hands and wrists while training, sparring or competing while still allowing you to have full range of motion. Muay Thai gloves come in various sizes, weights, and materials, so it is important to choose the right pair for your needs The most common sizes range from 8oz to 16oz, with heavier gloves being used primarily for sparring or competitive bouts. The gloves should fit snugly and have a tight but comfortable grip around the wrist. When choosing a pair of gloves, it is important to consider your own needs, such as the size of your hand and the intensity of your training. With regular maintenance, a good pair of Muay Thai gloves can last for years, providing excellent protection for your hands and wrists during training sessions.

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